Press Release: CareFirst and CaryRx Announce Initiative to Improve Outcomes with Population Management Platform OneDash –
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Driving innovation.

We’re a team passionate about creating innovative digital health solutions.

First a digital pharmacy.
Now a platform.

CaryRx was created as a consumer digital pharmacy experience but has evolved into a premier enterprise digital health platform serving patients, health plans, pharmaceutical manufacturers and hospital systems. The CaryRx team combines years of clinical, technology and data analytics experience. Our collective insight has enabled the creation of a robust digital ecosystem for health organizations which leverages our proprietary AI integrated with GPT-4.

Built with our customers in mind.

CaryRx’s mission is to improve patient outcomes and empower organizations with data. From our amazing support to our custom designed packaging, we've put thought & care into each corner of our platform. The CaryRx team has a customer centric mentality to ensure an optimal experience.

Our team

Areo Nazari
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Kevin Lance
Co-Founder & Head of Operations
Matt Hawkins
Chief Technical Officer
Syed Husain
Chief Strategy Officer
Jonathan Adly
Head of Clinical AI & GalenAI
Elisa Arimany
Pharmacist in Charge
Christina Hegedus
Head of Product
Meagan Thornton
Lead Pharmacist
Nima Negahban
Board Member & Technical Advisor
Paige Cantlin
Board Member & Financial Advisor

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