Press Release: CareFirst and CaryRx Announce Initiative to Improve Outcomes with Population Management Platform OneDash –
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Patient centric.
Data driven.
Digital pharmacy.

Provide your patients with a modern pharmacy experience while leveraging OneDash for insights, metrics and digital pharmacy tools to improve outcomes.


Modern pharmacy experience for Patients

CaryRx’s mobile app has well thought out features to ensure your patients have a convenient and transparent experience. No more waiting in line.... no more lack of communication. CaryRx communicates with your patients to ensure they get the medcations they need.

CaryRx is licensed nationwide and can deliver to your patients when they need it. Start with CaryRx to improve outcomes, adherence and access.
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Digital pharmacy & population management tool for Clinical Teams

OneDash will enable your team to monitor order statuses & prior authorizations, customize analytics, build automated custom cohorts to study, collect key health metrics via Apple & Google Health, live chat with the CaryRx team and much more.

Identify interventions with analytics. Act on interventions with prescription fulfillment. Improve outcomes. All within our platform.

Utilize OneDash for real-time interventions, including HEDIS measures, medical device data, adherence and cohort specific benchmarks.
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Prevent abandonment and
improve adherence


A major health plan utilized the CaryRx digital pharmacy
platform and achieved a 15% improvement in


Over 95% of our partners' patients remain on our digital pharmacy platform once initiated.

Prior authorizations

We help complete prior authorizations, taking the load off your team. Utilize OneDash to monitor the status.

Manufacturer savings

We’ll apply manufacturer coupons so patients are getting the lowest cost possible.

Refill requests

Refill requests are sent directly from our pharmacy to your EMR. Utilize OneDash to monitor the status.

Stock medications

Need a specific medication for your patient? Let us know. We’ll keep it in-stock for your practice.

Communication done

With our digital pharmacy, we enable chat between patients, providers & the CaryRx pharmacy team.

Same co-pay as other

Same copayment, better experience, no hassle.

Send prescriptions to CaryRx

E-Prescribe: CaryRx
1300 7th St NW, Suite 200, Washington DC 20001
Phone: 202-930-4242 | Fax: 202-930-4243
NCPDP: 0905250
*Note: Some EMR’s may need to be updated to ePrescribe to CaryRx. If you have any questions, please contact us for assistance.

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